Orbital Pitch

Explore the entrepreneurial side of the space industry with WSW's Orbital Pitch; the ultimate platform for showcasing your entrepreneurial skills and ideas. A list of topics will be provided; choose yours and present your pitch. Do NOT miss this unique blend of space and entrepreneurship!

Event Dates

9th Oct, 2023


50 per team / 30 per individual


  1. Click to Register and fill the form for participation.
  2. 5 to 7 topics will be provided to participants, of which they have to choose their own and present a pitch on their topic.
  3. 5 Minutes are given to Per team to present their topic
  4. Participants can present their topic through PPT[Max 10 slides] or verbally.
  5. Contestant will pitch you over your topic and Judges will ask you questions over it whenever required.
  6. Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
  7. Venue: Tagore Hall
  8. 3 participants per team max
  9. Only Limited seats available [15 Teams].
  10. fees: Rs.50 –Team
  11. fees: Rs.30 – Individual


  1. Commercial Space Tourism: Seizing the Opportunity
  2. Lunar Resource Utilization: Mining the Moon for Profit
  3. Sustainable Space Entrepreneurship: Eco-Friendly Spacecraft and Operations
  4. Space Debris Cleanup: A Lucrative Solution to a Growing Problem
  5. Space Agriculture: Growing Food for the Future
  6. Space-based Solar Power: Beaming Energy from Orbit
  7. Space Education and Outreach Ventures: Inspiring the Next Generation


  1. E-certificates will be provided to the attended participants
  2. Certificate and special prize to winner.
  3. Certificate to 1st runner up.