Technical Model Display

Present your technical model in detail with our event, and upload your presentation before submission. Join us now to showcase your innovation!

Event Dates

18th May, 2023 - 19th May, 2023


100per team


  1. Students need to present their model and explaining it in detail for the exhibition of their models.


  1. Each project can have a maximum of TWO student participants. Projects should be original.
  2. Working / Static models will be accepted. Use of off-the-shelf processor units like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, drones (and their accessories), etc. cannot be displayed as the main model. They can however be used to support the main basic technical theme of the model.
  3. Only self-made projects will be accepted. Projects whose major share consists of offthe self-projects will be primarily rejected.
  4. The participating students will have to describe their projects and the designated judges will ask them questions related to the project to judge the project.


  1. Top three winners from each event will get prize money
  2. E-certificates will be provided to the attended participants
  3. Working lunch will be provided to the qualifying participants