The event is a computer-based coding test where participants are given a set of questions in alternating order between sets A and B. It is compulsary to code in Python / C programming language and is designed to test participants' coding skills.

Event Dates

18th May, 2023


100per team


  1. This competition is open to the students of any branch of undergraduate technical college/institute from Gujarat.
  2. Maximum 2 participants are allowed per team.

Round 1

  1. The first Round will be a Preliminary Written Quiz, from which the top participants will advance to the next round.
  2. It will have 20 questions; time of 45 minutes will be given.

Final Round

  1. A computer-based test, coding in Python / C programming language they know.
  2. Set of questions A and B will be given alternatively to the participants.
  3. Each set will have 10 questions and time durations of 30 minutes.


  1. Pre-registration is compulsory for participating in this competition.
  2. This competition is open to students from Undergraduate technical students of any branch and any college/ institute in Gujarat.
  3. Necessary equipment will be provided by the institute.
  4. Organizers will have the authority to change the rules under certain circumstances during the event.
  5. The decision of the NTD-2023 judges for these competitions will be final and binding and no queries regarding this will be entertained.


  1. Top three winners from each event will get prize money
  2. E-certificates will be provided to the attended participants
  3. Working lunch will be provided to the qualifying participants