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Space exploration and science not only expand our knowledge but also inspire us to dream, wonder, and imagine what else is possible. From landing humans on the moon to discovering new exoplanets and galaxies, space exploration has always been one of the most fascinating and adventurous fields of human endeavor, pushing the limits of technology and human ingenuity.



18th & 19th May

National Technological Day is a celebration of human ingenuity and innovation that has led to the remarkable advancements in space science, engineering, and research. It is an opportunity to recognize the impact of technology on our society and its potential to shape our future.

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Prakalpa is the space and science club at LD College of Engineering. Our mission is to promote scientific curiosity and cultivate love for space exploration among students. We organize workshops, talks, and events to engage our members in various scientific and technological fields.

Prakalpa offers access to resources such as books, telescopes, and software to aid our members' learning and research. Join us on our journey to explore the vast and wondrous universe!

about us